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 Attack Group South (inRP)

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PostSubject: Attack Group South (inRP)   Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:38 am

*Wolf stands on a raised pedastal in the officers mess* Ladies and gentlemen of the 41st Naval Task Force. My Fellow officers. Attack Group South is now looking for able and willing Pilots to join it in the defence of Liberty and Bretonia. Sign up below officers. *Gestures to the pieceof paper below* Sign up below and show those frogs your worth. Give them your all, and promotions will follow. For the freedom of humanity! *a chorus of cheers and hooras follows*

//give me, in RP gents, your:
Current ship classes: (eg Guardian and Bomber/Gunboat)
Reason for wanting to join the attack group:
Ship designated for transfer to the attack group:

There are only two rules gents. You may only join AGS with ONE ship. No more than one will be permitted. We are also looking for one gunboat to join. If more than one puts their name forward, it will be taken to the High Command and an informed decision will be made. In that time we will be looking at such things as, but not limited to, RP, Combat prowess and activity. Good luck gents, I hope to be under way soon
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PostSubject: Hmm..   Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:19 am

Logging in...Done!
ID: Amy Smith
Ship ID: 41st|LNGB-Atlantis
Subject: AGS

Hey Uncle, thought id join this little thing you got going here, i may still be young but of father showed me all the ropes.
And maybe you could eventually show me how to make mechanical stuff...i promise i wont play any mind tricks on you *She giggles*

Sadly Daddy wont let me have anything bigger than a boat yet, he decided im not ready...pah! im always ready!.

Well, hope you consider it..

Amy "Ames" Of the Atlantis
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PostSubject: Attack Group South   Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:19 pm

*John enters the AGS recruitment office*
Admiral Wolf *he salutes* I'm here to sign up for the AGS. *He puts the form on the table* I'm sure my qualification are more than enough and i will do everything in my makes to protect Bretonia from Gallia. I heard Gallia has a quite big assault force but i'm sure if Liberty and Bretonia fight together, back to back, then we have the chance to defeat Gallia. Sir thats all i wanted to say and i hope we all will come back safely. Admiral Wolfe *he salutes again and leaves the room*

The Form:

Name: John McMuffin

Rank: Lieutenant

Current ship classes: BDR-804 "Guardian" Liberty Very Heavy Fighter, Li-117 Liberty "Upholder" Bomber and a Liberty Gunboat

Reason for wanting to join the attack group: I know we will win soon agains Rheinland and after that Gallia is the next and bigger threat.
And its important to fight them back in Bretonia. Because when Bretonia falls nothing stops Gallia to attack Liberty

Ship designated for transfer to the attack group: Li-117 Liberty "Upholder" Bomber
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PostSubject: Re: Attack Group South (inRP)   Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:03 am

Officers *nods politely* I have read your applications, and have come to a decision.

  • Amy,
    The Gunboat designated "Atlantis" is approved for Attack Group South. Over Official Channels such as this one, you will still refer to me as Admiral Wolf, just as I will refer to you as Lieutenant Smith. Fix that transponder to 41st|LNGB-Atlantis[AGS] and move on down to New London. There is a shipyard before you reach the gate, Southampton. It is the only place close enough, that's capable of dealing with our repairs. Try not to get that blown up. I'd rather not waste Bretonian time with having to fix your Boat up.

  • McMuffin,
    Your bomber is approved for Attack Group South. Get it ship shape and flying worthy. We need to impress the Bretonians after all. Fix your call sign to 41st|Lt.J.McMuffin[AGS] and move on down to Southampton Shipyard in the New London System.

Southampton shipyard is where we will be basing from. We are only given permission to be there to fight GRN forces, and those that the Armed Forces request our assistance against, but do not jeopardise us diplomatically. Your commanding Officer in Bretonia guys and gals is Commander Mike Jackson. All reports are to be made to him.

Safe skies Officers,
Admiral Joseph Wolf
41st Naval Task Force
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PostSubject: Re: Attack Group South (inRP)   

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Attack Group South (inRP)
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