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Rear Admiral Kyle Weaver

The 41st Naval Task Force

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  Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu

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PostSubject: Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu   Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:51 pm


i would like to commend these men listed above for their huge efforts ,Because yesterday ,we can say they Destroyed an Outcast Dread
with me and and another LSF LABC

if they weren't there ,we could have been dead

during the Battle and training ,i noticed that they make a Great Team ,and also they work in Teamwork ,that is way i am requesting to assign

them into the Bomber wing ,and promote Cpt.Cobalt to Wing Leader ,to be Bomber's wing Leader ,i think that this will be for the good of the force

i admit ,you made me Very Proud ,after yesterday's Battle

and i hope that Cpt.Jaden ,isn't upset from yesterday's Battle ,he got Destroyed ,but Mr.Jaden ,don't Worry i got Destroyed a lot and a lot of

times ,i hope that you aren't upset ,Because we need you ,and need you hard

but the choice is yours Admiral

and here are the proofs of the hugh Help that we had of our Bombers


Cmdr.William Jensen
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Cobalt Horizon


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PostSubject: Re: Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu   Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:06 am

you give us too much credit, we just did what we DO and DO well, make big things go Boom once the order is given, though what would have been impressive is a coordinated Nova Strike, Boys we need to Practice that!

though i have to admit, jason, jaden and karhu did pretty well, especially the new trio as it was probably there first Dread encounter and fight, though ark wasnt there he did pretty Dam Good in Cali with me when we encountered the OC Dread and his pal, though they shot you down then ark if it wasnt for you as my wing man there they would have taken liberty by suprise or our attack on the OC cruise or what ever that flat dish thing was put him off from that fight real good, as he went into a upwards climb once he jumped to liberty.

Jaden. though you got shot down in the mists of combat you did exceptionally well, im sure rapto-*cough cough* william jensen noticed this too, you put quite the hole in the hull of his ship so im sure he wont forget the small little bugger of a wasp that messed him up real good, as thats what we partly live for, as i have said "be the fly they cant swat" and you were exactly that, keep up the good work.

jason and karhu, im impressed you made it out in one piece... well maybe a bit battered but just about one piece, good work.

jensen, looks like that practice you gave the boys payed off big time, so you get some credit for this too, dont think you did nothing as you helped them prep for something like this.

Our Time might be past but some of us still Live on... even if we become the Past our selves.

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PostSubject: Re: Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu   Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:46 am

This is all true. Welldone to the 'Flyboys' as cobalt would say. Can i just mention as well. I got destroyed due to the lack of Bats and bots. Me and cobalt did last a while though.

I think this was the test that the Trainees needed. To see whether they had passed or not. Jaden.Niceshot. you will get better as time goes on. Trust me. I can say i used to be really bad, but now im ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu   Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:23 am

Gentlemen. I have read the information given and have decided to approve this commendation.
Rear Admiral Wolf out
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PostSubject: Re: Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu   

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Commendment for ArkBomber,Cobalt,Jaden niceshot,Jason,Robinson,EpicKarhu
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