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 Laws of Liberty

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The Laws of Liberty

Disrespect the law or those enforcing them, and severe consequences will follow.

----------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION -----------------------------------------

For the purposes of this document, the terms below have the following meanings:

Liberty forces means the Liberty Police Incorporated, the Liberty Security Force and the Liberty Navy.

Primary fleets means any [LN], =LSF= or LPI- tagged vessels.

Liberty Corporations means Universal Shipping, Deep Space Engineering, Ageira Technologies, Interspace Commerce, Synth Foods, Cryer Pharmaceuticals and Orbital Spa & Cruise.

The house of Liberty means the systems of New York, California, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Yukon, Ontario, Alberta, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, Quebec, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and any immediately connecting independent systems, such as but not limited to Magellan and Hudson. Note, this is not a territorial claim to the referenced independent systems, which are widely recognised as neutral space.

View the latest public service announcements here!

------------------------------------- SECTION ONE : CRIME -------------------------------------

Individuals found to be associated with, condoning or conducting criminal activities is subject to on site punishment by any officer of the Liberty forces present, ranging from a verbal warning to immediate use of lethal force. Legal action may follow if applicable.

In the house of Liberty, the following are classed as crimes:

I. Contraband possession.

It is illegal to have any amount of these goods on your person at any time:

• Cardamine
• Liquid Cardamine
• Nox
• Counterfeit Software
• Black Market Munitions
• Human Organs
• Synthetic Marijuana
• Artifacts
• Slaves
• Blood Diamonds
• Hypnotainment bands
• Nomad materials

This does not apply to the Primary Fleets, as personnel of the primary fleet may confiscate the above goods to deliver them to a safe and secure destination.

The transport of Synthetic Marijuana is only permitted by the official representatives of Cryer Pharmaceuticals.

The transport of Nuclear Devices is only permitted by the Primary Fleets, Liberty Corporations, Borderworld Exports and Gateway Shipping Inc.

The possession of Civilian pilots and Liberty personnel is not permitted. Any ships found to have pilots aboard will be ordered to release them to the nearest ranking Liberty forces vessel, or to the nearest lawfully patrolled base or planet.

The economic embargo with Rheinland has its own set of laws in addition to these laws. Please read Section Four of this document for those laws in detail.

II. Piracy.

This is described as:

The disruption of a trade lane ring with intent to conduct acts of piracy.

Intent is shown by the accused party being present in the close vicinity of a trade lane ring when the disrupted party drops out of the lane.

Attempts at extortion, successful or not, for sums of money, equipment, cargo, or personnel in exchange for their immediate or future safety or that of their friends, family, or colleagues.

The most common instance of this is the well-known 2mrdai phenomenon, but this law extends to any unlawful demand made upon the innocent.

The destruction of any civilian trading vessel not breaking the law due to an act of piracy.

III. Assault.

The assault of any member of the Liberty forces for any reason is illegal, unless specific verbal exemption is given for a particular instance by a member of the high command structures of the Primary Fleets only.

The assault of any civilian for any reason, including the collection of bounties, is illegal. The only case that this is allowed is if that civilian has breached the law, and only if permitted by a representative of the Liberty forces.

Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries and Freelancers are allowed to collect against those already part of groups that the Liberty forces consider hostile.

For the full list of entities considered hostile by the government of Liberty, please visit the Liberty Navy Faction Status document, located here.

Self-defence is permitted. That is the primary use for civilian weaponry in the house of Liberty.

IV. Non-violent crimes.

In addition to the most common crimes as outlined above, it is illegal to commit the following in Liberty:

Impersonating an officer.

This is defined as falsely claiming to be part of any branch of the Liberty forces and acting in a manner which would vindicate such a claim.

Fleeing from an officer when stopped.

This is defined as fleeing any officer when he or she is attempting to question you. If an officer stops you using a cruise disruptor, that is an expression of his or her will to stop you. Ignoring this is a crime.

Gross indecency in a public place.

This includes, but is not limited to, committing a massively inconsiderate act affecting those around you, such as being nude or semi-nude, participating or instigating an act of a sexual nature with or without consent and displaying sexually explicit material in the public domain.

Flying whilst intoxicated or under the influence.

This is defined as flying a ship whilst the pilot is being affected by the use of alcohol or narcotic substances, which impair his or her ability to fly the ship in a safe and respectable manner.

Causing, contributing to or participating in a public disturbance.

This is defined as encouraging or being a part of a public disturbance, which includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical altercation between individuals, polluting the house of Liberty by dumping toxic waste into space and destroying property under ownership such as cargo depots.

Inciting violence.

This is defined as convincing or attempting to convince others around you to commit acts of violence against the any lawful entity within the house of Liberty.

Military espionage.

This is defined as entering the Liberty forces membership for the specific purpose of obtaining and then sharing, without the consent of the Liberty Government, classified information on any matter deemed to contribute to national security.

Corporate espionage.

This is defined as entering the Liberty corporations workforce for the specific purpose of obtaining and then sharing, without the consent of the relevant parent corporation, classified information on any matter deemed to contribute to their smooth operation. This includes purchasing, distributing or trying to reverse-engineer Ageira Technologies Gate/Lane parts without their express written consent.

Of note, if coercion has taken place in order to force someone to breach one of the above, that will be taken into account when judgment is passed.

V. Obstructing the course of justice.

Any individual preventing, evading or delaying the administration of punishment on to an individual found to be breaking the law will be subject to any punishment deemed necessary by the ranking officer on duty.

Destroying or stealing cargo from the wreck of an individual who has been destroyed for breaking the law counts as obstructing the course of justice. Evidence must be confiscated by the Primary Fleets, with secondary priority going to the rest of the Liberty forces. Attempts to prevent this action will be considered accordingly. The only exception to this is when the commanding officer on the scene gives verbal exemption to those wishing to scavenge the wreck of a criminal's ship.

Allowing criminals to dock on a neutral station within the House of Liberty is also deemed to be obstructing the course of justice, as is any attempt to protect or hide them from the Liberty forces.

VI. Reporting individuals flouting the law.

Law abiding corporations and individuals within Liberty can report instances of crime, defined above, where officers of the law were not present to assist civilians against criminal entities. Please follow the instructions listed here to file a complaint against any parties that have broken the law but evaded detection by the Liberty forces.

VI. Known Criminals.

All those possessing:

• Outcast IDs
• Rheinland Military IDs
• Phantom IDs
• Pirate ID's
• Liberty Rogue IDs
• Lane Hacker IDs
• Hellfire Legion IDs
• Xenos IDs

Individuals which are also considered to be enemies of the state are indicated on the Liberty Criminal Database and the Liberty Bounty Board.

------------------------------------- SECTION TWO : LICENSURE -------------------------------------

I. Base Licenses.

Due to the high interest of individuals and groups wishing to set up their own private installations within the Republic of Liberty, we have decided to introduce a licensing procedure for these bases.

In order to legally register a base in the Republic of Liberty, it is required that the owner lease the part of space that the base will occupy for the duration of its existence. The fee is monthly, to be paid on the first of every month. As the lifetime of a base is variable, the system determining fees to be paid is also variable. This takes into account two primary factors:

Base location:

The cost of the space that you are required to lease to facilitate a private installation is partially based upon the location of that space. This is determined according to system, rather than system and sector. For example, leasing space in Texas will have a different price to leasing space in New York, but leasing space in sector 7G will be priced the same as space in sector 2C. For this purpose, the systems under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Liberty are divided up into four zones.

These zones are as follows -

• Zone 1: New York
• Zone 2: California, Colorado, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Texas
• Zone 3: Alberta, Kansas, Minnesota
• Zone 4: Cortez, Galileo, Kepler, Magellan, New Hampshire, Quebec, Yukon

The fees per zone are as follows -

• Zone 1: 60 million credits per month.
• Zone 2: 50 million credits per month.
• Zone 3: 40 million credits per month.
• Zone 4: 30 million credits per month.

Space within systems not mentioned here but is otherwise a part of Liberty and not available for lease. This would include systems such as Virginia and Illinois, but also the systems of Bering and Hudson, due to our state of war with Rheinland.

Base level:

As bases become larger, they take up more space, and can also be more profitable. This means that the lease cost goes up with the complexity of the base. While station modules are internal, the upgrades to the station infrastructure are not, and as such, must be costed. In this vein, the space for a level 1 base will be cheaper than the space for a level 2 base, and so on.

Base level fee modifiers are as follows -

• Level 4 base: x1.5
• Level 3 base: x1.4
• Level 2 base: x1.2
• Level 1 base: x1.0

Here are some examples to illustrate this system in practice -

• Level 2 base in zone 1.

[indent]- 1.2 x 60 = 72 million credits per month.

• Level 3 base in zone 3.

- 1.4 x 40 = 56 million credits per month.

• Level 1 base in zone 4.

- 1.0 x 30 = 30 million credits per month.

• Level 4 base in zone 2.

- 1.5 x 50 = 75 million credits per month.

Further conditions:

This applies to everybody except the Forces of Liberty, DSE), Ageira| and [*USI*]. That means that independent ventures of, for example, Deep Space Engineering or Kishiro Technologies, must be costed according to the values above. However, the presence of each base is still subject to approval by the government of the Republic of Liberty, and will be removed if necessary.

As you are leasing space from the Republic of Liberty, we must be provided with the location of your installation. This can be done privately to one of our high ranking officials, and will be kept secret if required to respect its potential sensitivity.

Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. There may be problems with certain base positioning, such as in the middle of a trade lane route or directly across an area of space that sees heavy traffic. As such, we reserve the right to refuse or request that you modify your application for leasing space.

This policy only pertains to the lease of space by you from the Republic of Liberty. The patrol paths in use by the Forces of Liberty will not be changed to incorporate your base, so choose your location carefully. For example, it may be unwise to construct a base in the Badlands in New York.

Bases already constructed within the Republic of Liberty before the introduction of this legislation will not be liable for fees due in retrospect, but will be expected to adhere to the the legislation from now on. If you refuse to comply, we expect you to move your operations elsewhere. If this is not possible, the Forces of Liberty will be tasked with removing your installation at their discretion.

If you upgrade your space station, the fee will change with the upgrade. Please notify the Republic of Liberty of any change to the status of your base so we can levy the correct fee. Failure to do so will result in consequences levied at the discretion of the Republic of Liberty.

In the event of a late payment to the Republic of Liberty, you will be given a warning and 14 days in which to gather and provide the required amount of credits. If this is not done, the Forces of Liberty will again be tasked with removing the installation. The acceptance or denial of payment later than this is discretionary on the part of the Republic of Liberty, and will not have an effect on the next due date, which would be the first of the next month.

If vessels belonging to groups that the Republic of Liberty considers hostile, such as the Liberty Rogues or the Rheinland military, use your base, you will be liable for any consequences that follow. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not provide safe harbour for criminals and parties that the Republic is at war with. Failure to do falls under obstructing the course of justice, as described in Section One.

You will be advised as to the destination of the fees when you apply to lease space from the Republic of Liberty.

The list of permitted bases is as follows:

[CBL] Gas Compression Facility -

Pennsylvania system
Luckenbach Station - Texas system
Langley Station - Zone 21
Long Island Station - New York System
Melbourne Station - Zone 21 perimeter
Platinum Incorporated - Alberta system
Doe Industries Space Port - New York system
Memphis Silver - Pennsylvania system
Memphis Storage - Pennsylvania system

DTJ Depot - Galileo system

There are no other licensing procedures as yet for actions such as arms dealing (legal currently) and the transportation of nomad material (illegal currently).

------------------------------------- SECTION THREE : SHIPS AND WEAPONS -------------------------------------

I. Weaponry.

All types of weaponry are permitted in Liberty, with the exception of Rheinland manufactured guns (Firekiss, Flamecurse, Hornviper, Stealthblade series), Outcast manufactured guns (Kraken series, Wyrm series, Inferno pulse gun), Phantom labelled guns and Nomad weaponry. Anybody in possession of these weapons will be asked to dismount them and hand them to any station authority for transportation to a secure location. All civilian installations are equipped to handle nomad material.

II. Small ships.

The possession of some small ships is illegal in Liberty. Small ships are classified as gunboats or anything below such as freighters and fighters. This most commonly applies to Freelancers and Mercenaries. The list is as follows:

• Rheinland Police and Military ships (e.g. Wraith).
• Rheinland criminal ships (e.g. Arbeiter).
• Outcast ships (e.g. Tridente).
• Corsair ships (e.g. Gladiator).
• Pirate ships (Z-line) (e.g. Barghest).
• Lane Hacker ships (e.g. Lane Hacker Gunship).
• Hellfire Legion ships (e.g. Prosecutor).
• Order ships (e.g. Nephthys).
• Nomad ships.
• GRN ships.
• Gallic Criminal ships (excluding Council ships).

Pilots flying these must either exit the house of Liberty immediately by the route specified by the officer on duty or turn the ship in for research or destruction purposes at the nearest station able to provide a replacement ship. Any resistance will result in the ship being destroyed.

There are, however, exceptions. Address any plea for exceptions to this law to the High Command of the Liberty Navy. The current list of exceptions are as follows:

Outflyer.IV (Tridente)
Steve Holloway (Odin)

The possession of small ships designed and produced under contract by the Liberty Navy is also not permitted unless authorised. These ships are:

Executioner Heavy Fighter.
Guardian Very Heavy Fighter.
Avenger Very Heavy Fighter.
Liberty Gunboat.

Pilots gain authorisation automatically with the possession of Liberty Navy, Liberty Security Force, or Liberty Police Incorporated identification papers. Pilots may also gain authorisation through applying to the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center if they are not operating within the scope of the Liberty Navy, Liberty Security Force, or LPI.

Pilots flying these ships without authorisation are to turn in their ship for a publically available model immediately or face possible destruction and later court action.

It may be necessary to pay out a refundable deposit to ensure the good intentions of those seeking exemption to the relevant sections of this law. This deposit will be refunded if the pilot in question announces, with reasons, that he or she no longer requires the agreement to be in place. For example, this could include the permanent relocation of a mercenary pilot flying a Wraith from Liberty to another house. The deposit will not be refunded if the agreement is broken in any way. For example, actions such as the pilot assaulting civilians in the house of Liberty or pilots of the Liberty forces anywhere during their operations.

III. Transport ships.

The transport models of the Colossus Rheinland Train, Behemoth Medium Transport, Uruz Container Transport, Pirate Train and Pirate Transport are not permitted within the House of Liberty. The ALG mover and all other transport class ships of Sirian origin are permitted.

Exception: ALG vessels with correct transponder and idenfication papers are permitted to pilot the Colossus Rheinland Train, Behemoth Medium Transport and Uruz Container Transport within Liberty.

Additionally, all Transport-class vessels of Gallic origin are not permitted with the House of Liberty, except when crewed by and flown under the banner of the Council.

Captains of transports of illegal make and model will be forced to drop any cargo they are carrying and exit the house of Liberty by the route specified by the officer on duty. An additional fine may be levied if previous infractions have occurred. Any resistance or evasion will result in the transport ship being destroyed.

IV. Foreign Warships.

No warships except those in service within the ranks of the Liberty forces are permitted within the house of Liberty. Warships are classed as any ship of destroyer, cruiser, or larger. This includes the Corvo Cruiser, a ship famous for its research and reconnaissance capabilities.

However, permission can be obtained from the ranking officer on duty present for warships of these classes to enter Liberty space. Where possible, these ships will be given an armed escort during their trip through Liberty space. Some reasons for this permission being given may be:

Diplomatic talks with the government of Liberty or a corporation based within Liberty.
The warship in question needing urgent repairs or resupply.
Flight through Liberty to avoid a warzone.

If a ranking officer is not present, entrance into the house of Liberty is denied. Warships found within the house of Liberty without prior permission will be, depending on the conditions, escorted out of the house of Liberty or boarded and diverted to moor on Norfolk shipyard in New York. Any resistance will result in the warship being destroyed.

Permission can only be granted by a member of the Primary Fleets.

Permanent clearance for foreign warships to operate in the house of Liberty is not available.

V. Homeland Warships.

All warships bearing Liberty Navy Guard, Liberty Security Force Guard and Liberty Police Incorporated Guard identification must be listed at the designated registry. This list will keep the following information:

Identification (Liberty Navy, LSF or LPI)
Name (LNS-Washington, for example)
Warship class (Seige Cruiser, Battlecruiser, and so on)

Exceptions are any warships belonging to the main wings of the Liberty Navy, LSF and LPI. That being the [LN], the =LSF= and the LPI-. The information on those warships will be stored in a more secure location, often with additional tactical data.

This is to better keep everyone informed of the current ships in service. If the information of the ship is here, then investigations do not have to be launched into the origin of the present command of that ship. This registry is meant to save a lot of time in the long run.

The overseer of this registry is the Liberty Navy Primary Fleet Captain Angelina Dimitrova, who herself holds the Capital Ship specialization mandate.

Capital ships of the Liberty forces are not allowed in the hands of those without Liberty Navy or LSF identification papers unless prior permission is given by the High Command of the Liberty Navy. Anybody found to be selling these ships commercially to those not within the Liberty Navy or Liberty Security Force will face prosecution.

VI. Systems and areas with restricted access.

Virginia is restricted to all those not within the operational scope of the Liberty Navy. Trespassers will be dealt with using lethal force.

Illinois is restricted to all those not within the operational scope of the Liberty Police Incorporated. Trespassers will be dealt with using lethal force.

The Zone 21 minefield within New York is restricted to all those without proper authorisation to enter. Those who have this authorisation know that they do. Those who do not will be shot. There will be no exceptions.

Civilians are advised not to enter the systems of Hudson, Bering and New Hampshire without first preparing for a hostile encounter. The Rheinland Military are known to be aggressive and unrelenting in their attacks, even against defenceless ships.

------------------------------------- SECTION FOUR : WARTIME -------------------------------------

Currently, the Republic of Liberty is in a state of war with the Federal Republic of Rheinland and the Kingdom of Gallia - As such, the following regulations are enforced at all times.

I. Illegal Corporations/Factions

Due to the state of war with Rheinland, the following corporations are banned from Liberty house space:

- Daumann Heavy Construction
- Republican Shipping
- Kruger Minerals

Due to the state of war with Gallia, ALL Gallic factions are banned from Liberty, excluding the Gallic Council.

Any vessels belonging to the above factions that are caught breaching the borders of the Republic will be treated as enemy combatants and either forced to leave or shot down. These vessels will also have to forfeit the contents of their cargo hold if the officers on the scene deem such an action to be conducive to national security.

Additionally, vessels belonging to ALG Waste Disposal may only transport scrap metal, toxic waste and HazMat canisters within the house of Liberty
II. Liberty-Rheinland Embargo.

For the purposes of this section, the borders of Liberty space are defined as the entrances to the Bering and Hudson from Texas, and Bremen from the New Hampshire system. Members of the Liberty Forces are authorised to enforce this embargo on both sides the border.

Any vessel in violation of this embargo, and which resists arrest by the forces of Liberty, will be terminated. Vessels which evade capture or destruction will have their docking rights in Liberty space revoked.

Direction of travel
Liberty TO Rheinland

No goods permitted - Exceptions listed in Section A below

Rheinland TO Liberty

All goods permitted - Exceptions listed in Section B below

A. Export Exceptions.

ALL vessels may transport passengers across the Liberty-Rheinland border

Deep Space Engineering and Ageira Technologies vessels may export:

- Gate/Lane Parts
- Toxic Waste

Zoner Guard vessels, displaying the correct ID and IFF, may carry the following goods to Freeport 2 only:

- Deuterium
- Pineal Amulets
- Ship Hull Panels

Planetform vessels may export:

- Alien Organisms
- Terraforming Gases
- Water

ALG Waste Disposal vessels may export:

- Scrap Metal
- Toxic Waste

Orbital Spa & Cruise vessels may export:

- Luxury Consumer Goods
- Luxury Food
- Tobacco
- Wine

Cryer Pharmaceuticals official representatives (Cryer| only) vessels may export:

- Pharmaceuticals
- Synthetic Marijuana

Synth Foods vessels may export:

- Food Rations
- Synth Paste
- Luxury Food
- Water

B. Import Exceptions.

NO vessels may import the following commodities:

- Engine Components
- Ship Hull Panels
- Light Arms
- Military Vehicles
- Nuclear Devices
- Plutonium

Universal Shipping, Ageira Technologies and Deep Space Engineering vessels may import:

- Nuclear Devices

Independent Neuralnet Department vessels may import:

- Ship Hull Panels
- Engine Components

------------------------------------- SECTION FIVE : NOTES -------------------------------------

The following are addendums and clarifications of the laws specified above:

• The house of Liberty has welcomed incoming commercial shipping from the Gallic Council. As such, ships belonging to the Gallic Council are free to trade and escort within the borders of the house of Liberty. They are also entitled to the protection provided by the Liberty forces during their stay. Other Gallic factions, such as Ile-de-France shipping and the Brigands are not welcome. Only the Council is permitted hospitality within Liberty.

• Where punishment for infractions is unspecified, it is up to the officer on duty to decide punishment. This can range from a verbal warning to summary execution. All officers are subject to judicial review of their actions, and will be answerable to a criminal court of law if their punishments are found to be unjustly harsh or lenient.

• In all cases, the judgment of the ranking officer on duty is to be abided by. This judgment, and any consequences of that judgment can be challenged by contacting the superior of the officer in question. The aggrieved individual has the right to state that they will do this as a means of informing the officer on duty, not as a warning to cease activities that have yet to be justified as appropriate.

• No-fire zones put in place in the space surrounding the Zoner installations of Freeport 2, Ames research station and Bethlehem station do not obstruct the course of justice as detailed in the treaty of Bethlehem. Gather evidence of a chase before entering the no-fire zone, and evidence of a battle taking place within and if applicable, any attempts by the criminal party to claim asylum in the no-fire zone. If any Zoner vessels fire on vessels belonging to the Liberty forces within the no-fire zone without direct provocation, report this immediately to Liberty Navy High Command with attached visual evidence.

• Fines levied on the spot in space may be up to ten million credits. Fines levied elsewhere, such as via the neural net communications array, can be of any value, but must be issued by a member of the High Command of the Liberty Forces ([LN], =LSF= and LPI-)

• Hacking a military frequency is illegal. Punishment for this crime will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

• Those found to be breaking the law in the house of Liberty, whether in the presence of the Liberty forces or not, forfeit all protection that the law provides. If individuals are found to be breaking the law, a civilian must record irrefutable evidence of a law being broken, whether it be piracy, assault, and so on. This is in case the pirate attempts to deceive authorities by falsely claiming to be the victim, and not the aggressor.

• The law of Liberty is to be adhered to at all times by civilians. It is not to be interpreted in any way. Attempts to lecture Primary Fleet personnel on the meaning (note, not the content) of any section of any legal document falls under section one, paragraph four of this document and will be dealt with accordingly
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Laws of Liberty
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