The 41st Naval Task Force
Welcome to the 41st|Navy Task Force.

Your Fleet Admiral and Commander of the 41st Task Force is Admiral Jack Smith
The Flagship of the 41st| Naval Task Force is the 41st|Carrier-Arizona

If you are reading this and you fancy joining the 41st, please speak to Commodore William Jensen who commands the 41st|Battleship-Unity

Thank you

Rear Admiral Kyle Weaver
The 41st Naval Task Force
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The 41st Naval Task Force

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 A story to share:

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Well, its been a week now with Wolf in command, i imagine he is doing a good job of it, however during this its given me the time to write a story for you all which i have inserted below, Enjoy.

The Return of the Phoenix 001 Prototype

It was one of those normal days, the Phoenix stationed at Manhattan talking to his sister Ashley, not much interesting in the conversation apart from Leam having a flashback about the Nevada the night before. He seemed upset to remember the death of his blood sister Susan, who he'd only known for two days and had saved him from the Nevada's Fate along with her own death; he never truly understood what caused this to happen.

Leam sat in his captain's chair as usual talking with Ash, Who he now called her, told her about the Nevada and his memory and he felt that talking to Ash helped clear the pain he always felt from that day and for the rest of his life. Amy, his daughter sat on the sofa playing with her PDA which Leam gave her as a birthday present which she treasured. Amy had hardly known her mother Stephanie, which died saving Amy from a pirates attack on a Naval liner bound for Planet Denver Colorado, Leam had never taken the news well and broke all records trying to reach the Liner in time, he didn't make it and still do this day blaming himself for what had happened. The only family he has left due to his extremely bad luck and misfortune is Amy, Ashley and a close friend who he treats as his brother, Joseph Wolf, a Bretonian who ended up being the Vice Admiral of the task force.

His misfortune never seems to end when the Phoenix 001 prototype was stolen by Rheinland agents; however, this ship has a closely guarded secret nobody except Leam knows, and Ash to find out. The ship was configured using nomad technology which then possesses the occupants after a certain period of time due to the amount of nomad technology used. So he never used it and left the 001 in the shipyard awaiting destruction. However it was stolen before he could do so which then possessed the occupants who stole it, causing them to be Wilde Agents, after it was stolen a less volatile version the 002, were constructed. All the Phoenix class were designed by Leam himself and Joseph helping to direct the actual construction which as usual went perfectly. The 002 were a heavy armed and armoured versions capable of mass destruction however the 002 MK1 was fitted with cloaking technology along with heavy antimatter weapons, commanded by Leam Himself and the 002 MK 2 with fighter docking capabilities and heavier armour is commanded by Joseph Wolf.

He was talking with Ashley when the first signs appeared of the 001 returning, Leam was talking about the flashback he had. “I had a flashback about the Nevada again, when I lost my...." Ashley seemed to remain silent for a few moments, she knew it was a sensitive topic for him, he didn't wait for her response" It’s hard for me Ash, but you’re all the morale support I need and I couldn't be happier to have met you." She blushes a little and looks away, she seemed to like it when he said things like that, but she noticed he was distracted all of a sudden and he was staring at the scanner "Something wrong Hun?"
He shakes head in disbelief staring at the scanner "It can’t’s not possible...” She seemed confused and worried, knowing something was serious as his face went pale "What is it?" He knew he shouldn't tell her, it was dangerous enough him knowing about it "It’s the Phoenix 001, the dreadnought I designed that was stolen by Rheinland Agents...were Rheinland Agents..." She paused for a moment "What do you mean?" He was slow to answer; it scared him to know the ship still existed.

"They are nomads Ash, the ship has so much nomad technology that it possesses the occupants if they remain inside it for so long, the ship has a nomad control over it...and I designed it...” He takes a moment to compose himself before continuing "It has a smaller version of the planet destroyer the nomads use, it’s also got nomad power cells, its capable of ripping apart was designed for use against other capital ships....but we both know what nomads want and the Rheinlander’s, but they didn't realise what was waiting aboard that ship, so I never used it and was stolen before I could destroy it." There was silence between them for a moment, she seemed taken aback by this discovery "And now it’s back, to destroy the one and only threat to it, the 002 MK1.” He shakes his head knowing his fate, his daughter and Ash rests with him now " This ship isn't capable of destroying the 001, but slow it down, I want you to get a distance of 7k from us and watch, if I fail...take my daughter and will hunt you down because your associated with me".

A few moments later he powers up the teleport systems and urges his daughter toward it "Amy, listen, I need you to go with Ashley, she will take care of you" He looks up at the screen at Ash for a moment, Amy seemed upset knowing something was wrong "But Daddy you said we would go with Ashley on a walk.." He couldn't tell her the truth" I know...I know but something has happened that daddy must take care of, you are a good girl now, okay?" She nods and steps through the portal.

By now the 001 was in gun range and he knew it too, "Ash, go now, if I fail to destroy not stay here, promise me" A tear runs down his face before she responds” Y...Yes...but.." He shakes his head "No, don't argue, I’ve always done by best by you, and I’m doing so now" She does as he tells her and moves away 7k from the Phoenix. He was ready and so was the 001, it was kill or be killed.

The 001 fired the first nomad weapon, a long range cannon obliterating the Phoenix' Shielding and the Phoenix responded with multiple torpedoes and Antimatter cannons, but he somehow doubted that he could win this one. A few minutes later during the slugging match more Wild controlled Rheinland battleships appear and target the Phoenix and Ash already called support from a Solar R Battleship, a few minutes later a Solar R battleship named Monolith Appears and opens up destroying the Wild reinforcements with ease, however by now the 001 and the Phoenix was alone fighting each other, the Phoenix was taking heavy damage and barely scratching the paint of the 001, he knows he won’t win this fight.

"Ashley, listen I won’t win this, the Phoenix is taking heavy damage and almost at critical, you better go...” Just after he says he notices another Storm Drive ship on radar, and thought it was a copy of the 001 but Ash notices it was the Iowa jumping in and its escorts "It’s the Iowa!" He seemed almost delighted by now and this gave him the courage to keep firing “Crews keep firing damn it!" A few seconds later Wolf comes on the coms already ready for battle "Not today Brother, not today. Alright Chaps, target is the 001 class battleship, let 'er rip!" The Two cruisers and the Iowa unleash all the weaponry they have however the 001 changes targets to the cruisers, destroying them in moments but during this the Phoenix had torpedo lock with one of the heavies torpedoes the Navy has, he brings the Phoenix about as the cruisers are destroyed "Joe! Take her hard over, get outta the blast! We’re going to drop the shielding!" moments later the torpedo is fired and the impact as planned drained the shielding and disabled it "Alright Joe, lets light this thing up! Target the storm drives!" They both do that, both the Phoenix and Iowa working side by side, but Leam notices the 001 has a nomad torpedo locked on and headed toward the Phoenix, he knew that the shielding on the Phoenix was gone "Joe...were finished...Nomad torp’ inbound..." Joe through gritted teeth slams the Iowa hard over and the torpedo strikes the shielding of the Iowa before resuming the firing "Joe you crazy!?" Joe laughed a little and repeated what he said earlier "Like I said Leam, not today" Leam smiles at him.

After a few minutes the 001 was actually showing damage, but the Phoenix was now critical and hull breach was imminent. "She’s critical Joe..." However Wolf wasn't paying attention as he was locking on another torpedo directly for the 001 engine, and importantly, the storm drives knowing how volatile they are. A few moments later the Monolith joins the fight and fires all its antimatter weapons, causing the 001 to catch fire on many decks, meanwhile Leam brings about the Phoenix for a final last ditch attempt to destroy it when the torpedo fired from the Iowa hits and the 001 reactor starts to destabilize, Leam noticed the fire from the engines "Joe! You got it! We gotta get outta here now! She's Gonna blow! Ash, Get the monolith clear! “The Iowa and the badly damaged Phoenix attempt to outrun the blast, the blast engulfing both dreadnoughts for a few moments and static fill the comm.

After a few minutes the dreadnoughts both reappear narrowly escaping the antimatter blast, and actually stripped the hull plates off the Phoenix Engines, "Yeah! Yeah! We did it!" Wolf calmly answered "Yes, yes we did" Leam knew he was in debt to Both Ashley and Wolf for this.

The Iowa and the Phoenix pulled up side by side beside Ashley's ship, but smoke was still bellowing from the Phoenix and fires still visible "That was too close...thank you....both of you...” Wolf very casually replied "Don't mention it brother" As the boarding platform lowers to the Iowa, Ash is already waiting aboard, they both hug each other for a few moments, and Leam Shakes Joes hand, "damn nice timing Vice Admiral...very nice indeed" Joe knew he meant to be joking when he said Vice Admiral and replied with "You see, us Bretonians are known for that"

They all sit in the corner and Amy clambers up on Leam's knee and cheerfully asks " Can we go for that walk now Daddy?" Leam laughs a little "What do you say Joe? Ash?" They both nod after a little laugh and he sets the computer to land on Manhattan.

Written by Explorer/Leam

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A story to share:
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