The 41st Naval Task Force
Welcome to the 41st|Navy Task Force.

Your Fleet Admiral and Commander of the 41st Task Force is Admiral Jack Smith
The Flagship of the 41st| Naval Task Force is the 41st|Carrier-Arizona

If you are reading this and you fancy joining the 41st, please speak to Commodore William Jensen who commands the 41st|Battleship-Unity

Thank you

Rear Admiral Kyle Weaver
The 41st Naval Task Force
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The 41st Naval Task Force

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 Gear Stripping - Combat

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Gear Stripping - Combat Empty
PostSubject: Gear Stripping - Combat   Gear Stripping - Combat EmptyMon Sep 17, 2012 3:59 pm

as i recently found out using a fighter and a particular weapon set-up, even if the Pirate gets away and Escapes they Always 'Pay' in the end... How? you might ask... Simple.

Gear Stripping, or as i say 'Shredding'
"how is that Possible? wouldn't it take a long time to shoot there Equipment off?"
Your answer... Sub-Target lock something and land a powerful explosive with a good Dmg Radius on Exposed Hull, make sure its hard to avoid. with in luck you will Destroy there Gear and rip it off if not give it some serious Damage or Better yet Disable It.

its Saved me Once, Assisted with taking on a bomber who had me lined up for a SNAC shot, shame i Disabled his SNAC with this very Trick, Caused the Gun to turn FUBAR and fire backwards, his loss of shield and heavy damage got him shot down soon after by one of our own.
now that you know this, just dont use it on a Friendly, or you might have to pay for the repairs and lost equipment.

Our Time might be past but some of us still Live on... even if we become the Past our selves.

Gear Stripping - Combat Horizo10
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Gear Stripping - Combat
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